Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flashplayer for Firefox & Opera on OpenSolaris

As you know OpenSoalris comes with Firefox browser, however it doesn't include Adobe flashplayer plugin so you can't see any flash-based contents like watching video clips on YouTube.

If you are a novice to OpenSolaris, here you can find basic instructions of how to install flashplayer on Opera and Firefox on OpenSolaris.

In order to install Adobe Falshplayer you have to download the Solaris version of flashplayer from Adobe website here .

If you go on the default download page like the one above you need to choose 'Different operating systems or browsers'.

Choose 'Solaris' from the drop-down list.

Choose x86 from the second box unless you have a Sparc system. Click on 'Agree and install now' and then 'save file'. Here I saved the file on my 'Desktop'.

What you just downloaded is a zipped folder with .bz2 extension. You need to right click on the zipped file and then choose 'Extract Here'. Now your files are extracted into a folder with the same name on your desktop. There are two files in that folder and we are interested in ''.

Then go on the Terminal. login as super-user: type SU and then enter your root password if there is any. In this stage you have to copy the file ( into the plugins folder of your Firefox.

type : CP (address of the extracted file) (space) (address of plugins folder of firefox)
In this case it is:

/export/home/tiger/Desktop/flash_player_solaris _r151_x86/

Note: Tiger is my username, you can replace that with your own username if everything else is the same.

You shouldn't get any errors and after you enter the command it should be like above.

Opera is also available for OpenSolaris.

Choose the latest version for Solaris which is 9.63.
The same instructions apply to opera browser but instead of the plugins folder of firefox, you need to enter the address of opera plugins folder.

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Anonymous said...

I think I have flashplayer already running (have the in my $HOME/.mozilla/plugins directory), but I don't hear any audio when I watch videos in Firefox. Any ideas why? I'm also running OpenSolaris in VirtualBox. Are there any extra steps required to get flash w/ audio working in VirtualBox?
Thanks for sharing.