Saturday, October 28, 2006

Everyday Is A New Challenge

With the start of each new day

I find myself thinking of you...

In the middle of my busy day,

my mind wanders and I think of you...

Out of nowhere I see your smile,

hear your laugh and I think of you...

all over again each time I think of you.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Such A Glamorous Artistic Photo !!!

!!!! ATTENTION !!!!

This is not one of those common boring images captured by amateur photographers!.I spent the whole day waiting around the Hyde park just to shoot them with my mobile phone.Look how these two geese are straing at each other with one leg up.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Today's match, England vs Trinidad was the most exciting one so far....I've Taken these pics just to keep my promise...

Who the hell are you???

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Have I Blown IT?...

I don't know what to say and it's really hard to believe...
I had a coursework which i had to submit this week, on thursday .I just realised that the deadline was last thursday!. it was 40% of my 'embedded system' module. The reason for this horibble mistake was that i marked the deadline incorrectly on my calender.Oh my god, why me?....
I've done a bit of it, but there's still some parts left. I should get on with the rest, and finish it before 9am , then go to the lecturer and ask him if he would accept it or not. Guys, please pray for me.
If he refuses to accept,it means I've lost 40% of this module. It's hard to take in, because its a fairly easy coursework plus he's been giving most of the answers out during lectures!. As i said earlier i've been really busy with these exams and whenever i spoke to my classmates, they would confuse me with the other coursework which i had to hand in the week after ,on 16th of june.This is mainly why i've blown it...Thanks to them!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Does it get any better !

Hi Everyone. After a long time I`m back again ...

I`ve been really busy with all these back to back exams for the past couple of weeks. There`s still one more left for next week and that`s it. My second Year will be completed.

Last month was like a nightmare for me, I barely had an hour to ease my mind of anything, other than course-related issues. I had two projects to accomplish. In the first one we worked as group and the second one was an individual project.

The group project was to make a device that could detect the speed of a moving object and the second one was to make a device in order to control the central heating with a built-in clock.

There were a lot of steps to complete such as designing the circuit,PCB board Programming the PIC , Testing the LCD and etc . Then we had to test and present our device. Believe me it was such a tough task to do .

Fortunately our efforts were worthwhile and our device worked .Most importantly we were the first group that got our read-out on the LCD display. Unfortunately for the second project we couldn`t make it by the deadline and we lost some marks on that. Exactly a week later the exams started . Anyways it`s all done and I`ve been almost happy with the last two exams and I hope I can do my best for the next one. By the way I took some pictures of my group members . Here they are,,,