Sunday, June 04, 2006

Does it get any better !

Hi Everyone. After a long time I`m back again ...

I`ve been really busy with all these back to back exams for the past couple of weeks. There`s still one more left for next week and that`s it. My second Year will be completed.

Last month was like a nightmare for me, I barely had an hour to ease my mind of anything, other than course-related issues. I had two projects to accomplish. In the first one we worked as group and the second one was an individual project.

The group project was to make a device that could detect the speed of a moving object and the second one was to make a device in order to control the central heating with a built-in clock.

There were a lot of steps to complete such as designing the circuit,PCB board Programming the PIC , Testing the LCD and etc . Then we had to test and present our device. Believe me it was such a tough task to do .

Fortunately our efforts were worthwhile and our device worked .Most importantly we were the first group that got our read-out on the LCD display. Unfortunately for the second project we couldn`t make it by the deadline and we lost some marks on that. Exactly a week later the exams started . Anyways it`s all done and I`ve been almost happy with the last two exams and I hope I can do my best for the next one. By the way I took some pictures of my group members . Here they are,,,


Anonymous said...

Hey Pouya,I'm happy to see you started your weblog again.keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

I thought you haven't updated it,but i see a totaly new weblog..well done..keep going..;)

Anonymous said...

yo yo pouya we'er the best :D

Anonymous said...

Dear pouya,
this is the first time I visit your blog.
very nice.
I really enjoyed when found out that you are researching on a project.keep trying.
I believe that you can learn team working and researching in foreign universities much more better than Iran.
Remember, all these hard working and studding is the best of your life that never come back again so enjoy yourself.