Thursday, February 05, 2009

The World is in !! DEPRESSION !!

Gordon Brown described the world financial crisis as 'depression' at prime minister's questions yesterday . It wasn't picked up by the Tory at the time, however Downing street announced that what he had meant was 'recession' and not 'depression' but had slipped up.

It caused huge concerns amongst the MPs on both sides that he might know something that the others don't.

It could have been a typical gaff for someone like George Bush, but Gordon Brown, hmm, I don't think so. He's been always not only quite careful about his words but also refusing to acknowledge the full depth of economic crisis, that's why it turned into such a big deal.

Was it deliberate or just a slip of the tongue?

Well, If I was in his position I would have said what I meant was 'DEEP RECESSION'. It makes even more sense.

But this last one aside, I personally think he wished he would have never said that famous slogan of his: "British Jobs for British Workers", since David Cameron gave him a hard time on this.

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