Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ZFS & Dtrace Rock

Have you ever lost valuable data? Well, it happens to everyone...However with ZFS the probability goes down to zero..

ZFS is a new file system developed by Sun Microsystems providing a fundamentally new approach to data management . Whatever the situation, with ZFS you can always roll back to previous versions of your data or in other words 'restore' it.

With ZFS not only do you always have automatic backups but also it provides higher level of security. These are not the only features, there is a number of additional advantages which are becoming more evident to many big vendors but is out of the scope of this post.

Nowadays an ever increasing number of companies are turning to Sun Microsystems to help them achieve more reliable storage solutions and higher security.

Apart from this fantastic storage solution, Sun provides a powerful tool called 'Dtrace' which can be used on MySql to estimate or monitor the execution times of the query parsing or even to determine whether query uses query catch or not.

Tonight, Martin Brown amazed everyone by his fantastic presentation on MySql, ZFS and DTrace at Sun's customer briefing centre in London.

I Loved it..Geeks were speechless!!..and guess what?..the whole presentation was run on MAC rather than Solaris to prove full compatibility.

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