Thursday, May 15, 2008

Urban Wind Energy

With all these energy crisis and ever increasing price of fuel there are many alternative sources of energy which can be used cheaply with one-time setup cost. Wind is one of the greatest sources of energy which is widely used all around the world. But according to the latest figures, the number of wind turbines is not as many as it should be. Hundreds of years ago the first windmill was invented in Persia and it became a popular source of energy for grinding grain and later on was used for pumping water into the farms. In many regions of the world there are certain areas usually on hills which are often windy during the day. I think urban energy receives much less attention than wind farms. Nowadays with all the buildings that are just cracking higher into the sky, a small wind turbine can generate enough electricity to at least light up the common areas inside the buildings.

Recently I have also seen many buildings in England having a couple of turbines on their roofs. There are many projects in the UK researching on how to achieve more energy from wind power more efficiently.

Last December I had a trip to the Netherlands. There is a village near Amsterdam called 'Koog-Zaandjik' which is famous for its historical windmills and is also a great tourist attraction. The village was quite windy when I was touring around and it was a wonder that I only saw three modern wind turbines working at the time !

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