Sunday, May 18, 2008

Europe's tallest residential tower

Beetham Tower Few days ago when my friends and I were hanging about in Manchester I found myself next to a galssy tall tower. I had seen this tower many times before but I had never been next to it. Beetham tower is the most prominent and newest landmark in Manchester. People usually refer to the tower as Hilton hotel. The tower stands 171m and 50 storeys above the city centre at the junction of Densgate. The first 23 floors are occupied by a 5-star Hilton hotel and the remaining 26 floors are residential apartments. The duplex penthouse is occupied by the building's architect ,Ian Simpson for £3m. According to the media this tower is visible from 10 countries. I took a couple of pictures of the tower with my mobile phone.

Beetham LandscapeBeetham Zoomed
Hilton Hotel

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