Friday, September 19, 2008

My Dream Pocket Pc Phone

HTC has released its latest windows mobile pocket pc phone yesterday. With a stunning 3.8" WVGA display, a generous 288 MB of ram and 550 MB of rom running on a 528 MHz Qualcomm cpu. It packs quad-band GSM and dual-band (900/2100 MHz) 3G (with HSDPA 7.2 Mb) support. It looks a bit hefty but it's the same size as iphone (although I hate to talk about iphone).

HTC Touch HD
I've long been thinking to replace my T810 & N560 Fujitsu-Siemens with an alternative which provides the same features plus more Ram and 3G support.



There have been a number of interesting windows mobile phones since last year, But none have interested me. So I decided to go for either Nokia E71 just to get back at all windows mobile devices. But now HTC HD will be my next gadget.

Here is the only video review of HTC HD. This review compares HTC HD with iphone and Samsung omnia. I hate reviews comparing iphone with handsets which have got nothing to do with iphone. iphone might be good but only for people who have less IT skills and they can get over it through apple's user interface. I don't mean to generalize becuase I know a couple of my mates who have really strong computer backgrounds but still prefer iphone. Anyways while you're watching this review try to learn some French too!!


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سلام . خوبی؟من با داستانک " زنان سرزمین من" آپ هستم.
منتظرتم. وقت کردی سر بزن دانشمند.